Idle Hour Lanes

2008 Scranton Carbondale Highway
Scranton, PA 18508 
Phone: (570) 489-7526

  • Idle Hour Lanes is the perfect place to bring your class for a field trip. Your students will get a complete tour of our facility. We will show them how the machines that reset the bowling pins operate which coincides with the Pennsylvania State Science Standards. Our mechanics will point out the various simple machines in use. We will also show your students how the advanced computer system keeps track of scoring.

    Contact us at 570-489-7526 to arrange a tour for your students. We can design a package which will include a tour, bowling, and a snack for a nominal fee.



    Idle Hour Lanes has 4 In-School Bowling Kits available for your use for FREE! The In-School Bowling program is designed to help elementary and middle school physical education teachers teach bowling to their PE students. All kits include instructional materials, rubrics, fun & fitness activities to help teach students about bowling as well as a multi-disciplinary section to reinforce:

    Computer Skills • Health and Nutrition • Language Arts • Physical Education • Poetry • Reading Comprehension • Spelling • Geography • History • Math • Physics • Problem Solving • Science • Social Studies

    Did You Know?

    »Over 65 million Americans go bowling every year!

    »$6 million in scholarships to graduating seniors from different bowling organizations and fundraisers every year.

    »Over recent years, bowling has been the fastest growing high school letter sport in America.

    »Bowling 2 games exercises 184 muscles and results in swinging around 576lbs and walking about half a mile.

    »Bowling burns 219 calories per hour.